The Oklahoma Cost Accounting System (OCAS) reports for each school district are available here for your information and use.

 Title 70 Oklahoma Statutes 5-134.1 (House Bill 2332, Sec. 20, 2004 Legislative Session) states:
B. No later than September 1 each year, every school district shall transmit a copy of the income and expenditures data required pursuant to subsection A of this section to the State Department of Education. The Department shall post the income and expenditure data on the Internet website for the Department in a form that is accessible to the public.

To access these reports, please select one of the options below. Then select the first letter of the district name from the list provided or click the applicable county image on the map displayed. Once you locate the school district name in the list, click on the report (expenditures and/or revenue) you wish to view and/or download. All documents are PDF and require Adobe Reader to view or print. Please click the Adobe image below to download and install Adobe Reader if you do not have it already.

For questions concerning individual district reports, please contact the school district directly.
For more information on OCAS, contact Mathangi Shankar in Financial Accounting .

School District Financial Reports

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